Superwoman Mom and Afari Giveaway Winner

Superwoman Mom and Afari Giveaway Winner

I want to introduce you to my superwoman mom, Jackie. Jackie is a single mom of two children. She is a real estate agent, a very hands-on daughter to her elderly mother, and the most genuine friend, neighbor, and community member you’d ever meet. My whole life she has shown me what it means to do it all and to do it with grace, elegance, a sincere and honest heart, and tons of sacrifice. Simply said, my mother has a pure soul—she wants the best for everyone, all the time.

Unfortunately, my mother developed a tumor in her spinal canal, and after years of medical imaging, doctors determined the mass was increasing in size and needed to be surgically removed to avoid paralysis. Even now, writing this testimonial is like reliving my worst nightmare. 

Somehow, the surgery that was supposed to save her life and keep her from paralysis is what ended up causing it. When she woke up from anesthesia after the tumor was resected, she could not move anything below her waistline. Doctors were puzzled, our lives were shattered, and overnight my mother became a completely different, motionless person. We spent several weeks after the surgery in the neuro-ICU where they used a chair lift to move my mother out of bed. From there, she moved into an inpatient spinal cord injury rehab center where, thankfully, she received intense therapy and regained the ability to move her legs and walk with the help of a walker. This was, and is, a miracle in itself. However, her movement capabilities were not like before.

My mom struggled immensely to move around comfortably outside of the house. It was difficult enough physically with the discomfort and pain she experienced, however, the emotional component was worse. Here is this beautiful, classy, intelligent woman stumbling through life all because a surgery that was supposed to help save her, hurt her instead. She didn’t feel like herself, and for over a year she spent almost every day inside the house. I couldn’t stand to see my mother like this. I knew there had to be a better way—and I knew she wasn’t alone.

So, I did research and came across Mobella. I read about the founders, their stories, and their mission in founding Mobella and creating the Afari. I sent my brother the Instagram link and said we need to get this for Mom. When I got the notification that we had won the Giveaway, I couldn’t believe it. I can honestly say in the very first few weeks it has been life-changing! With the Afari, my mom has gone on a walk, unassisted, every day. She is slowly but surely becoming noticeably happier, coming out of her shell, making more appearances in the neighborhood, and feeling more confident.

Her confidence is what is key. The Afari has a magnificent, harmonious way of making her feel assisted and safe, but also cool, fun, and approachable. The emotional component of my mom’s spinal cord injury was huge, but the Afari has provided a sense of normalcy in not just my mother’s but all of our lives. It provides safety, comfort, and a renewed sense of independence. It is a device that has encouraged my mom to say “YES” to opportunities. The Afari encourages JOY and with it, there is no need to delay happiness, getting out and doing things, or showing up in the world.

When I received the Afari, I somewhat knew what to expect, but what I was not prepared for was the community. I had NO IDEA I would also be introducing my mother and our family into the most special collective. First and foremost, the Mobella team possesses some of the most gracious and kind-hearted individuals I’ve ever met. The community of Afari users is also full of the most strong-willed, determined, and inspiring individuals. Together, they are a community that supports one another, relates to one another, and confides in one another.

Using an Afari is life-changing—it gives you your life back in so many ways—but to top it all off you also gain a community that gives you love, support, and companionship. My family is forever grateful to Mobella, and we look forward to this continued relationship. Together we go far.