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Mobella is born out of the spirit of inventors. Moved by the possibilities of new and different, or dissatisfied with the status quo, they respond with action. Visit the Mobella Inventor's page and meet the people whose products are moving to market through Mobella.

There you will see our founder Henry R. Kaufman, a noted media attorney whose life changed suddenly with the onset of Guillain-Barre paralysis in his arms and legs and who, with the help of one of the world’s leading design firms, focused his energies on developing beautiful products he would be proud to own and use as he engaged life on new terms. 

Henry has often recounted to me the story of attending the Opera on an idyllic Manhattan evening during the holidays a few years ago. There, he saw a woman with her family, beautifully dressed in a lovely gown, her hair and makeup perfected for this wonderful evening, and making her way through the crowd on a simple aluminum walker … with yellow tennis balls on its rear feet. For Henry, this story encapsulates his belief that products are not just about function, but they are also an outward display of how we feel about ourselves and how we want others to view us. So, when Henry couldn’t find products that reflected his personal image or brand, he took action and created Mobella. He also has several designs of his own in the works for Mobella, and we look forward to introducing them to you soon.

The same desire for function and style applies to Stephen Gilson and Liz Depoy, another of our team of inventors. As they said in their book Branding and Designing Disability, “Despite the reluctance to admit the human connection to objects, we are mesmerized by them, engaged in their meaning.[i]

I recently visited them on their horse farm in Maine, where they gave me a tour of their pristine barns, immaculate grounds and their impressive collection of art accumulated during their extensive world travels. We talked about how they balance their work as faculty as the University of Maine with invention and leisure activity.

Watch for other Mobella products invented by Stephen and Liz. Their ideas reflect not only their love for exercise and outdoor sports, but also of working on their home and farm – products for people on the move in a variety of ways! We are proud to feature their Afari as our inaugural offering. Its beauty and unique functionality strongly reflect the spirit of Mobella.

At Mobella we are inspired by invention and innovation, and we have the system, experience, and team to bring your ideas to an eager market. Through the entire process of market research, branding, design, engineering, testing and validation, supply chain development, manufacturing, and distribution, Mobella provides you the muscle to make your ideas a reality, and to tell your inventor’s story to the world.

Add your inventor’s story to GoMobella.com by connecting with our inventor’s community. Contact us at hello@gomobella.com

Elizabeth Depoy and Stephen Gilson, Branding and Designing Disability, Reconceptualizing Disability Studies, New York, NY, Routledge, 2014