Accessories to Complement Your Afari™

Accessories to Complement Your Afari™

Husband and wife, Henry and Meryl Kauffman reimagined what mobility products should be--stylish yet functional solutions that better and more boldly represent the people who are the product end-users.

In response to Afari customer requests, the Mobella site now offers over a dozen accessories to complement your Afari Commuter or Afari Off-Road three-wheeler.

One Afari enthusiast, Janice (pictured above), uses the detachable basket accessory to bring her companion dog along for the ride.

Henry himself (pictured above) makes regular use of the chain combination lock when he arrives at his favorite steak house for dinner in New York City.

Undeniably, our most popular accessory is the telescoping folding stool. Keep it collapsed and hang it on the all-purpose hook while you’re out exploring. When you’re ready for a rest, simply expand the stool and use your stable Afari for leverage getting up and down. Other accessories include the phone mount (don’t leave home without it!) and the anti-slip cup holder for your water bottle or other favorite beverage.

With all these accessories and more, you can trick out your unit exactly to your liking to fit your personal needs and lifestyle. One of our customers even has plans to outfit his Afari with a custom-built mount for his shotgun so that he can go bird hunting on his property in Maine. Get creative and explore endless possibilities for bringing along everything you need on your next Afari adventure!

More information on the available Afari accessories currently available here. Be sure to sign up for email updates and we will let you know whenever there are new accessory additions.

If you have discovered a unique use for your Afari or one of our dozen Afari accessories, we would love to hear about it. Send it along to us with a photo. Please share your personal Afari story with us by email:, or call: (616) 965-1113. In the meantime, happy traveling.